Entering the Global conversation:Work Program

My way to contribute into the global conversation is Work Program. Work Program makes kids clean up in very difficult hot areas that no one else wants to clean. I’ve cleaned multiple sewers throughout Garden Grove, Santa ana, South county, and Anaheim. Ive helped clean an excessive amount of trash at the Olinda Alpha Dump, Bowermen Dump, and worst of all, Prima Dump which is usually the hottest one of the group. The dumps have a never ending amount of scorching hot sand that’s is coated with “the” moldy, most repulsive trash even rats wouldn’t touch and fill trash bags for at least 6 hours of the day. By the end of the day, besides the exhaustion from the constant motion of bending over to pick up trash bags filling trash bag after trash bags, you get this feeling like you sincerely make a difference and its great, but when you learn what happens with the trash bags, it’ll make it seem like those ten through 12 trash bags you put motivation and sweat into was for nothing. The way the city chooses to despose of the bags are unintelligent and ineffective in my opinion. They choose to continue to bury the bags even though the birds clearly rip through a vast majority of the bags, but nevertheless, you still significantly make a difference by making sure the trash doesn’t land in the city area and and contribute to the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”. In conclusion, i believe i have contributed significantly more than others in our Global conversation with 6 months dealing with trash in sewers, dumps, and highways. Also contributing in cleaning beaches and parks in the vicinity.A scene from Stephen Daldry's latest film, Trash, set at the Gramacho waste dump … it's closure has

Prom Night part 2

now before i get into the rest of my story, if i had known that i should’ve been sober that night, i would’ve been the designated driver for the night. Personally, i am very strict about drinking and driving, i have friends or many “friend of a friend” who have met a a fatal crash which took only theirs and/or sadly the passengers lives too. So even though I may get a ticket and possibly incarcerated, it would be better than losing very close friends that i have known for a very long time. That night we were only supposed to take people home, but my ignorant friend decided it would be “fun” to try drifting in a front wheel drive car which is utterly impossible to drift in but ignorantly decides to try it. The first try went smoothly, but the second try completely fails and smashes against the curb and ends up going up the curb barely missing the wall only 3-4 feet away from us and ends up onto the property of someones house onto the lawn immobilized by the crash. Adrenaline had kicked in from the crash and instantly i put the car in neutral and start pushing the car from the back to get it off the road and before i could react, a cop passed by and turned on its siren to pull us over. everyone split into different directions and hid. i had jumped into a backyard and hid in the trees until i had evaded the police. I felt like it was me against the world for what it seemed to be a very long time. Every minute turned into another hour and slowly my body fell into a trance like state and everything want black. I woke up maybe an hour later hoping  that the cops had given the search up and went home, s i jumped the fence and walked home. My phone was dead so i had no way of contacting anyone or telling what time it was but i could tell it was at least five or six and by the time i had gotten though my window i didn’t bother to check the time and fell into my bed which felt like peace at last. Sadly to say, in my eyes nature took it course. Only the strongest survive and out of the 4 that ran that night, one was taken into custody right away because he was too fat to hop a wall, another who had gone into hiding with me jumped out at the wrong time just to run into the spotlight of a cop shining his light, and the supposedly “smartest one” who thought that running home wouldn’t attract attention to himself ran into a cop car on the way home. To be honest, i don’t know whether this was god act, luck, or just being smart, but after that night my paranoia had skyrocketed through the roofs and i stay to myself and clean until the temptation becomes unbearable and i choose to break my straightedge persona and go back to the person i grew up to be.

The better days part 2

When i got out of the house, everything we had planned to do and how everything turned out seemed very peculiar to me, there was an abnormal feeling i was getting like i had gone through this before. I thought to myself like has this already happened? I already knew we were headed to 7-11 then to the other homie Jackson’s pad but a key detail was missing something so blatantly obvious it was practically staring me right in my face. As the day progressed my paranoia was rising significantly and noticeably too. For my friends this was just a normal day blazing it and having fun but i knew something was going on, and i was ensured something was going to happen because of what the clerk had said to me. I remembered he said something ignorant to my friend about his people or something and we yelled at him. At this point all i knew was something bad was gonna happen at Chiefs house and i even told them. Of course they thought i was crazy and I was only delaying the inevitable. As we walked to his house everything was getting worse, my paranoia had skyrocketed through the roof but i didn’t understand why. My friends ensured me i was just having a weird day and told me to kickback. When we got there i was tripping out but just said screw it and relax my mind. I chilled out and there was a knock at the door and it hit me.

My flashback dream: the better days part 1

Usually i never have vivid dreams nor do I remember them at all. I don’t know what caused me to have such a strong vivid dream but it was the best dream i’ve had for a good year or two but heres how it started.I woke up in my dream and everything seemed very peculiar about everything. My bed was in a different spot of the house, my mom was making pho (which she has not made for a long time), and i still had a doorknob and xbox 360.. I went into my closet and my clothes were different in a sense. i just felt odd something was just off about the day. As i was putting on an assortment of clothes for the day, my mom knocked on my door and told me my friends were outside. I went out and was astounded to see literally all my closest friends outside my door. My freshman year, my whole group was split apart. Roman had moved to Corona because he was evicted from his pad, Pierce had moved to Texas to get clean from his brother of meth, Eric had gone to rehab because of his drug use 2 years ago and just got out a month ago, Damion had left westminster for Portland for a warrant, Kenny left to Sacremento so he could escape probation, and my closest homies Chief and lakota had been evicted too because of their older brother. It was the better days for all of us, Chiefs house was pretty much our house. some old guy who treated everyone like shit was on one side with their older brother Logan who was a heroin addict against us and Chiefs mom.We practically owned the bottom portion of the house and they kept the top. It was an endless war of the potheads vs the real drug addicts, but it was ok because we always had a good time at chiefs pad because he was always open. Whenever we needed somewhere to go we’d  go there.

The upcoming weekend

As much as i want to not go, this weekend is going to suck. I have been given more work program for violations and just the thought of the rancid smell of the olinda alpha dump site makes my stomach cringe in discust. Flashbacks instantly flowed through my head of everything ive done, filling bag after bag full of the nastiest trash anyone could imaging in probably the nastiest place ever, which is Olinda Alpha dumpsite, All the trash from the 5 counties go to a single area which has mounds after mounds of trash that no one would want to clean. Also to make it all even worse, The equipment issued to us has probably been used by at least 200 kids. The gloves are replusive and smell of straight up b.o, the helmets are filled with sweat from previous juveniles on work program, and since we work from 8 to 3 and we don’t work in the shade, the sun just beams down on us for hours on end which only makes the dump smell even shittier and super hot since the dirt soaks up the heat. The only things that anyone would wish for when entering work program is not going to the dump, being able to talk, and the cereal makes the day bearable.

my weekend

This weekend wasn’t very exciting, I drove out to aniheim for a warehouse party and left to a kickback after until 4 in the morning. One of the main things that actually didn’t suck was i wasn’t designated driver for the party and actually had fun instead of being the responsible one. On Saturday, the only day that was somewhat peaceful and probably the highlight of my weekend was hanging out with a couple of old homies who don’t live down here and cooked up dank horchata and asada meat and on top of that pork loin and super dank meat that i can’t remember off the top of my head. All day we sat on top of his roof while we took turns going down to cook more meat all day until 6. After we were hunting for a party all night until we went to the beach to meet up with more homies which in my opinion, was probably better than any other party that night. We had at least 30 people just kickin it until randomly cops came to kick us out of the beach for curfew. After the huge commotion was over, i went back to my house and just knocked out right when i hit the bed which was probably at like 12 until 2 or 3 in the afternoon


Gza’s concert

Last Wednesday, i went to the obvservatory to go see Gza, Ghostface killah, and others members from Wu Tang Clan. To be honest, I was very annoyed at first, Gza didn’t come out on stage with the rest of Wu Tang untill 12 and the crowd was getting angry because of all the bad rappers that were coming on stage and started fighting in the middle of the moshpit area which was annoying besides the fact people were smoking cigarettes, i understand smoking weed at concerts because that always happens, but cigarettes? I ended up bitching someone out for smoking one in my face and people started regulating with me. Besides that, I respect the fact that it isn’t easy to go on stage with a rowdy crowd but a very large percentage was inadequate for me and the rest of the crowd. But, certain rappers did exceptionally well opening for Wu tang, the tickets were only five dollars for a sick experience like that night and it got even better when Gza came onto stage because when he was spitting flows it was so good i don’t even have words to explain it. The crowd went from moshpitting like crazy and getting down to watching gza in awe like Jesus had gone on stage. What really made my night was when he put out his new song “Dark Matter” which was pretty badass in my opinion and how he went into the crowd and a fat circle opened up for him to spit flows. Overall, That was sickest concert that every Wu tang fan shouldve gone to.


During holloween, I was in Westminster at my homie’s pad grilling 2 fat pounds of some dank carne asada we got from the store and made tacos for a couple hours. when it got late we had gone to some party but it wasn’t really fun and the parents were there so it was busty. So we ended up going to some hookah lounge for a bit but it was even worse, everyone there was even more lame and the room smelt terrible and there was nothing to do but smoke hookah which didnt amuse me much because it was pointless in my opinion, to spend 25 for a couple hours. We stayed for 20 minutes and none of us could bare the rancid smell of b.o. By this time it was 1 o’clock, which was pretty late for me and since we weren’t doing anything i wanted to go home, eat, then sleep. I was ready to dip out with my homie, but as we were riding back from Edwards and golden west or something, we hit Heil and Newland and saw a random party that was blaring music with people sitting outside and said screw it lets go in. We talked to some guy dressed up as the girl from Dukes Of hazzard named mona and he told us to go in and we ended up at a trippy party with a bunch of drunk 20-30 year old people with the weirdest costumes id ever seen. We ended up finding out that everyone at the party was Westminster PD and to make it worse, my Probation officer was there so we ran back to our car and drove home. By the time i got home, it was past 3 o’clock and i knocked out right when i hit my bed.

Road To Chavitos

This weekend was pretty dope, i was driving all over orange county getting dank food and practicing how to drive. I started from Taco Bell and went to visit my homie in HB to see how he was doing and kicked it for a bit. After I drove out to Cypress for the homegirl to visit her ma in the cementary. It sounds like im the person who’s like a taxi and drive people everywhere, but the only reason i do it is because its a 2014 honda crv which is super fun to drive, I get to drive practically anywhere i want and never pay gas because she gets gas for free, and it helps me practice for when i take my drivers test next year. Besides that, after we went to cypress i drove into Garden Grove to look for somewhere good to eat and ended up eating the popcorn chicken at tasteas & getting a fat bowl of pho but still wasn’t satisfied. After i was feeling mexican food and drove all westminster until i remembered about Chavitos. We raced to beach and Warner and ended up paying spending 25 for 50 tacos split into Chicharon taco, Carnitas tacos, & carne asada tacos. Also to top it all off I ended getting 2 Carne asada burritos. Before we left, the guy was super cool and gave us all pineapple juice for free and hooked up with extra sauce and the purple veggies. Finally my lust for food was gone.